As a designer, I strive to combine modern and traditional design elements in unique and innovative ways, bringing together the best of both times, producing inviting rooms that are rich with tradition, yet fresh and contemporary.

– Irene Gankevitch

Polished concrete and the liberal use of glass take centre stage in this restored hard loft. Towering columns, smoothed floors, and raw ceilings frame tall airy windows that flood the penthouse with natural light and create a striking cityscape backdrop. Slate grey trims adorn windows, walls and stairs, painting sharp geometric lines that slice thinly through the expansive two-story space. Lush verdure invigorates the soul and offers functional utility through floating herb gardens strategically arranged for an authentic cooking lifestyle. Steel and chrome details harmonize with suspended exposed pipes while vibrant accents and soft textiles breathe life into robust industrial bones.

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Concrete Jungle

This house harmonizes architecture with its surrounding natural environment, bringing the outdoors in, while upholding the integrity of the modern style. Designed in collaboration with architect Richard Mann, the layout of the home wraps around century-old oaks, preserving the scenic ecological landscape. Exterior wood and stone create a grounding effect, yet the house remains light and airy. Expansive glass windows blur the line between inside and outside by reflecting light from nearby trees while simultaneously allowing them to become part of the interior view. A staircase displayed in glass draws in the eye, establishing itself as the home’s architectural focal point. Organic materials and glass interact within the open-concept modern interior, seamlessly connecting living spaces and make a striking statement without overwhelming the observer.

Photographer: Philip Castleton

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Oak Park

A century old candy factory is reinvented as a hard loft in the heart of one of Toronto’s trendiest industrial neighbourhoods. Oversized wooden beams and exposed vintage brick frame the structure while embodying authentic industrial character. Bohemian flair is introduced by means of ornamental Spanish tiles, an antique florentine chandelier, rustic wood, and a glass-beaded tapestry dating back to 1836. Finally, plushy velour cushions, ethnic fabrics and silk window drapes adorn the space to offer a cozy, yet glamorous, touch.

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Bohemian Glamour

Lavish opulence is embodied in this contemporary Mississauga manor. Towering floor-to-ceiling windows overlook a private golf course along the Credit River, revealing a view that is as striking as the residence. Teal-blue and red accents pop out of a neutral color scheme, while reflective chrome and glass details cut clean lines that refine and polish. Herringbone wood floors and taupe-grey trim and doors are both sophisticated and on trend. Designed with family needs in mind, the home provides both the space and comfort to create a nurturing environment.

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Golfer’s Estate

This charming contemporary home offers a soft twist to modern design. Neutral palettes soften crisp lines while sleek chrome accents add notes of subdued glamour. Wall tiles evoke the old spirit of tattered carpets offering a touch of artisanal character. High ceilings coupled with the seamless integration of glass create airy flow while the towering double-sided fireplace grounds itself as a centerpiece. The structure of the residence is neatly framed by a taupe-grey trim that gently traces the outlines of the off-white canvas. Chic and uplifting, this home embodies the balance of comfort and clean design.

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Soft Focus

This contemporary condo in the heart of Toronto’s entertainment district employs the use of sharp lines and contrasting colours to create a dramatic yet clean finish, perfectly suited to a metropolitan bachelor lifestyle. Brilliant chrome and clear glass are carefully infused against a backdrop of black, white and red materials to create a living space that is visually stimulating, and thereby invoking a sense of high energy that is characteristic of urban environments.

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Iceboat Terrace

Spanning a breadth of 7,500 square feet, this expansive Port Credit home sustains an air of modern minimalism, all the while displaying the warm touch of artisan-like detail. Its high ceilings and generous windows set a palatial tone that complements the towering century-old trees that are native to the area, while intricate tile motifs offer it a soft handmade quality. Striking metallic accents contribute to a glamorous ambiance and cleverly contrast the use of rustic wood throughout the residence.

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Port Credit Modern Luxe

Modern living is taken to new heights with this sophisticated yet lively condo renovation in Toronto’s Yorkville district. Soft organic shapes are cut with crisp chrome accents and saturated colour is juxtaposed with grounding neutrals to create a balance between the vibrant and the elegant. Complete with luxurious furnishings by renown designers such as Philippe Starck and Patricia Urquiola, it is the ideal environment for hosting a cocktail party or simply lounging after a long day.

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Yorkville Chic